Federal Partners

The Wood River Valley has more than 500 miles of single-track trail for a wide variety of users, from hikers to mountain bikers, equestrians to dirt bikes. The land management agencies tasked with maintaining our public lands lack the appropriate annual funding to adequately finance a trail crew for routine maintenance and new trail projects. Without predictable federal funding, the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management struggle to keep up with the constant workload and backlog of trail maintenance.

This is where the Wood River Trails Coalition comes in. One of our focus areas is financially supporting our local land management agencies’ trail crews so they can worry less about money and more about digging in the dirt! Our goal is to give our land management agencies the financial security to plan for years in advance with trail projects, routine maintenance and hiring crew members.

Currently, the WRTC has Collection Agreement with the Sawtooth National Forest – Ketchum Ranger District for $10,000/year to fund a trail crew member position. Our vision is to expand the program and fund several crew members per season in an effort stretch the minimal federal dollars available into a trail crew who will be able to tackle big projects and routine maintenance.

Check out what the Ketchum Ranger District trail crew accomplished in 2019: YEAR END REPORT

Funding for this comes from many sources:

  • Your membership dollars

  • Business donations

  • Mountain bike rental dollars donation program with our local bike shops

  • Events

  • Individual donations

Your donation dollars allow our local trail crew to log out miles of trail, brush back encroaching vegetation, fix drainage and erosion issues, re-route unsustainable trails, build new trails, repair bridges, engineer new creek crossings and bridges, scout out new projects and much, much more!

Donate today! The WRTC is a 501c3 organization and your donations are 100% tax-deductible:

Are you a member of the Wood River Trails Coalition yet? If not, join today and know that you’re supporting your local trails the next time you’re out biking, hiking, running, riding or brap brap-ing!

Bike Rental Dollars Program

The Wood River Valley brings in thousands of visitors every summer, many of who use our extensive trail network. According to the Wood River Valley Trail Study from 2012, the Ketchum Ranger District of the Sawtooth National Forest alone sees over 90,000 user days annually, 35,000 of those being visitor user days. While these visitors bring their dollars to the valley’s economy, the trails that bring these visitors here do not receive any direct money from this economic driver.

The Wood River Trails Coalition is helping to divert some of this tourism money towards the trails by partnering with our local bike shops. Nearly every bike shop in the valley is adding a dollar donation to their mountain bike rentals, which then goes to the Wood River Trails Coalition. The WRTC budgets this money toward volunteer nights and the Collection Agreement with the Forest Service (read more above). We are thankful to have such a great community and camaraderie between our local businesses in support of our trails!

Stop by, give a high five and buy something to support the following shops who are members of this program. Buy Local!