Trail Work Nights

Get involved in the local trail efforts by pitching in at one of our next volunteer opportunities. The WRTC couldn’t do what we do without the help of our hardworking volunteers! Please join us and help maintain our trails!

Volunteer Trail Work Days on the Sawtooth National Forest for 2019:

  • Saturday, June 8th: Forbidden Fruit

  • Thursday, June 13th: Adam’s Rib (Pork Chop)

  • Thursday, June 27th: Proctor Mountain Trail

  • Thursday, July 11th: CANCELLED

  • Saturday, July 13th: Alden Gulch

  • Thursday, July 25th: Pioneer Cabin trailhead bridge

We are potentially scheduling another volunteer event at the end of September, so keep your eyes and ears out!

WRTC Volunteer Numbers for 2019:

  • Total Volunteers: 131

  • Total Volunteer Hours: 471

  • Drains cleaned: 35

  • Drains built: 8

  • Feet brushed: 10,600

  • Tread work: 12,070

  • Logs: 15

  • Berms raked: 20

  • Bridges: 1

Thank you to everyone who came out this summer, you rock!

Volunteer Trail Work Entry Form

Spent some time logging out a trail? Let us know what you did and where so we can keep track of volunteer hours for granting purposes, let trail crews know where work needs to be done (or not done) and we can buy you a beer when we run into you at the brewery.


Please complete the form below

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Approximate number of hours, total amount of time on trail.
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